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IBA is an online academy for wannabe entrepreneurs, service business owners, side hustlers and coaches who want to grow their business with the power of Instagram using the tried and tested formula of not just one Instagram expert, BUT TWO.

By the end of the academy you will have developed complete clarity on your target audience, created a bulletproof content strategy and transformed your DMs into a checkout queue full of dream clients. 

After 15 years experience in Marketing and Business working for global brands and coaching clients 1-1 on Instagram, we have created a proven process that works if you are:

You already have a business set up but you're not generating enough income to wave goodbye to your 9-5 - you're in good hands, we will show you how you can finally attract clients like magnets

You're tired of wondering where your next client will come from and when. You're ready to be visible on Instagram and hit your target income - you're in the right place, we will show you how! 

You have an idea for a business and you're ready to turn it into a reality - whether this is clear or not, the Masterclass will help you cut the overwhelm and start taking actions right away!

A side hustler wanting to quit the 9-5

A service business owner struggling to gain more clients and be more visible 

An aspiring service entrepreneur

By the time you have graduated from IBA you will have: 

Built an offer that sells like crazy

No more tweaking your services and prices to fit the client. You’ll know your niche inside out and be able to proudly communicate the value of your offer to your audience.

Overcome content overwhelm

No more coming up with content ideas on the fly. By the time you’ve finished IBA, you’ll know how to plan your content one month in advance and your only problem will be too many ideas.

Complete clarity on your content strategy

No more guesswork about what will work and what won’t. You’ll be able to hit the share button with confidence and know that people are desperate to hear what you have to say.

Spiked your engagement rates

No more tumbleweed when you share a new post. You’ll know how to create content that generates shares, saves, comments and puts you on the radar of your future clients.

Started building a community of fans ready to buy from you

No more vanity metrics and ghost followers. You’ll become a magnet for loyal fans who engage with all your content, purchase all your products and shout about you from the rooftops.

Opened the DM floodgates to new clients

Quit dodgy copy and paste outreach strategies. Your content strategy will have great fit clients reaching out to you and offering to pay you for your help and expertise.

And what do our current students think of IBA?

“Before IBA I was one of those people that posts and hopes for the best and it didn’t convert anything. Since diving into the modules into IBA I’ve been able to niche down and really speak to the pain points of my teacher friends wanting to turn entrepreneur.” 

Telina Too (@telina_too)
- Mentors teachers on how to set up a side hustle

Able to earn more in 1 month than from 6 months of teaching 

“Before joining IBA I was doing a lot of guesswork with my content. IBA helped me create a super-efficient and time-saving content strategy. The content strategy sheet is mind-blowing! It’s so much more than I thought I was signing up for.”

Jasmin Masters (@jasminmarsters)
- Life Coach

Since joining IBA I added 2 clients which added an extra $2,000 to my income

"In less than one month IBA helped me generate 1000 new followers. My engagement rate went from 1% to 3% and I received hundreds of DMS from people asking for my mentorship program.”

Truelany Guerra (
- Finance Mentor

I received hundreds of DMs asking for my mentorship program

“I know that the new increase in inquiries and applications I’m receiving are a result of my content I’m putting out because they have directly told me that.” 

Sarah Holmes (@mistdesignco)
- Branding and website designer

Getting new inquiries every week

“What I love about IBA is the beautiful and amazing community of like minded people. The support from Laura and Ginny is invaluable and they’re always there to answer questions.”

Teodora Pile (@teodorapile)
- Coach and Therapist

Many new followers and most of them are ideal clients

“Before IBA I struggled a lot with attracting my ideal clients. IBA helped me create a real content strategy and since then I have double my growth and created a community. There is only one Ginny and Laura!” 

Laurence Mahieu (@myinneradena)
- Life Coach

Doubled growth since starting IBA

"IBA has really helped me with my messaging and my content strategy"

Liza Leiss (@liza.leiss)
- Life Coach

5 New clients since starting IBA

“Before joining I was not seeing the growth or client conversion and IBA has helped in both those categories.”

Sarah King (@simplysking)
- Wellness Coach

Now creating posts months in advance

“If you’re looking to start your own business or pivot your current business I would definitely recommend IBA” 

Natty Lilja (@travelbynatty)
- Traveller Monetisation Coach

So much clarity since starting IBA!

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