Dear Coach or Service Provider,

Do you want an Instagram account that

attractS lots of followers

that are excited about what you do and

turnS them into buyers 

in a matter of weeks (not years)? 

Then this would be

In other words, here’s what you’re left with…

Your engagement rate is lower than ever

Instagram strategies to grow followers are dead, so you’re left with no followers, no growth, no sales

And to worsen it all, your busy life doesn’t give you enough time to really create engaging content on Instagram

To top it all, your imposter syndrome prevents you from moving forward and so is your lack of clarity on your niche, your ideal clients and offer 

Let’s face it…

Growing a business on Instagram today is harder than in 2014 when you could post a picture and everybody including Zuckerberg could see it and it would get tons of likes and reach.

* Kauffman foundation

No wonder 90% of online businesses fail and 94% will never get to the 6 figure mark*…..

let alone get to the point where they make enough to give back to the society.

This is why what we will show you on this page will

when it comes to growing your service/coaching business with Instagram

But why should you listen to a word of what we have to say? 



Worked as a Marketing Manager for 10 years for several global brands

Hated corporate and felt she could do better on her own

Started an Instagram account from scratch in 2020 and grew to 30,000 followers in 9 months

Quit corporate and launched Elle Synergy with Laura



Worked as Brand Manager for global companies for 5 years

Loved her job but lockdown hit in 2020 and stuck at home, she decided to revive her dead Instagram account

Grew over 30,000 followers in 9 months

Quit corporate and launched Elle Synergy with Ginny

Hit $10K/month through coaching after just 5 months opening her IG account

Hit $10K/month through coaching after just 5 months using her IG account

It’s not a coincidence if we both made this work -

grow their following, engagement, fanbase, and client base on Instagram

3,500 coaches and service providers

3,500 coaches and service providers

we also helped over

Just POST CONTENT DAILY and the algorithm will reward you years after

Just USE HASHTAGS and your content will reach new people (we grew so fast without hashtags by the way)

POST REELS DAILY if you want to grow (we gained our first 10K followers when Reels did not exist)

ENGAGE FOR 1 HOUR PER DAY with your ideal clients’ posts and your engagement will increase (very low return on time invested if you ask us)

POST 2-3 TIMES A DAY (What about having a life?)

You may be wondering how on earth we are able to generate predictable results on Instagram that will last a lifetime, while there are millions of gurus out there dishing out hacks that won’t work in a couple of months from now?!

Some IG gurus might have told you to:

Send COLD DMs TO 20 PEOPLE a day and you will sign clients (feeling itchy? Yup we feel you)

And the list goes on…

These trial and error strategies are here today and gone tomorrow like the wind… 

The system we put together



already helped hundreds of others

and we want to give it to you in our flagship program called

Our system is one that has worked SINCE THE BEGINNING OF MARKETING and will work TILL THE END OF TIME!

 fundamental principles of how people think

 fundamental principles of how people think

Because it is based on

and is coupled with understanding how Instagram is designed to be used.

clients getting amazing results

clients getting amazing results

Hence, year in, year out, we have

What does our system look like you may ask:

With our

+200,000 cumulated followers

+200,000 cumulated followers

 +3,500 students

 +3,500 students

+450 IBA Alumni

+450 IBA Alumni

and the several businesses we have grown dramatically on Instagram…




any coaching or service business in any industry:

Here is the framework that consistently works for

Having THE RIGHT FOUNDATIONS to attract your tribe to your Instagram account and this is done through

We help you to GET CLARITY IN YOUR BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS which will be crucial to grow an engaged audience full of your ideal clients and CONVERT THEM INTO HIGH PAYING CLIENTS

1. Business Foundations

1. Business Foundations

your NICHE
your OFFER and

2. Content Strategy

2. Content Strategy

With the right foundations you build a POWERFUL CONTENT STRATEGY that

ATTRACTS your ideal clients

Turns them into FANS (excited followers)

Gets them to SHARE YOUR CONTENT (go viral) and

Make them REACH OUT TO YOU in the DMs (ready to buy from you)

3. Conversion

3. Conversion


HIGH PAYING CLIENTS through your content

Through YOUR DMs (converting people who reach out to you) and

and wanting to start with the right knowledge like we did when we started

We call this system the

and it works if you are:

A 9-5er seeking an escape into business

with an idea that needs some push to get the ball rolling

An aspiring entrepreneur

who wants to grow their audience and convert that audience into regular paying clients

A business owner

wanting to grow their business on instagram in 2022

An expert (freelancer, consultant, service provider, coach etc)

is backed by our

Everyone who took this program and implemented it has been able to build an offer that sells itself, build a powerful content strategy, increased their engagement rates, got loyal fans and had potential clients reaching out to them.

But, because you have not gone through it, we want to guarantee you that if you implement everything in IBA, you will build an offer that sells itself, build a powerful content strategy, increase your engagement rate, get loyal fans and have potential clients reaching out to you.

If you Implement 100% of the training in the next 90 days and none of these happen for you, send us an email and we will refund your money in full!

If you Implement 100% of the training in the next 90 days and none of these happen for you, send us an email and we will refund your money in full!

the system we have tested in several niches

Here’s a list of the businesses and coaches we have helped . . .


√  Mindset Coach
√  Law of Attraction Coach
√  Career Coach
√  Fitness Coach
√  Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coach
√  Money Expert Coach
√  Business Coach
√  Marketing (or Instagram)
√  Life Coach
√  Anxiety Coach
√  Parenting Coach
√  Styling Coach
√  Digital Course Creators
√  Network Marketers
√  Business Mentor 


√  Photographer & Videographer
√  Virtual Assistant
√  Graphic Designer
√  Real Estate Agent
√  Therapist
√  Web Designer
√  Finance (Accountant, Bookkeeper, Tax Specialist)
√  Social Media Manager
√  Hair Stylist & Beauty Expert
√  Copywriter
√  Brand Designer
√  PR
√  Language Teacher
√  Home Designer/Decor Creator
√  Nutritionist

Yes, we would go to that length because of how confident we are in 

What you are going to get...

What you are going to get...

Lifetime access to the instant business academy

Which is a self paced course designed to be completed in 12 weeks but with lifetime access so that you can Flood your Instagram account with Raving Fans and High Paying Clients without ever having to cold pitch or spending countless hours engaging on Instagram

THE instagram sales scripts bundle

So that you can convert prospects into paying clients with ease without being salesy or pushy!

12-month access to the private online community

Keep yourself accountable, network with fellow entrepreneurs and find the support that you need so you make sure you stay on track! 

Worksheets, CHECKLISTS and cheat sheets

So that you can implement the system without overwhelm and get results faster

course & module trackers to keep you organized and hold you accountable

We’ve created IBA very methodically so it’s super important that you don’t miss a single lesson!

VALUE: $2,599

VALUE: $1,999

VALUE: priceless

VALUE: $499

VALUE: $99

So what exactly have we put in IBA, that makes us sure that none of our students who implements these can fail?!

the iba mastersheet

So you have a system to create high converting content weeks in advance without the overwhelm or spending hours wondering what you should post (our IBA students loves it)

VALUE: $1,999

50+ Canva templates with content ideas for single posts, carousels, reels

Get your content done in minutes with these ‘done for you’ attention grabbing designs 

VALUE: $499

30 Days Instagram Content Ideas, 20 days story content ideas and 40 days Reels Content Ideas

So that you never run out of things to say! Create high converting content immediately and start building your audience!

VALUE: $499

Total Value:

Over $8,193

If all this did was attract a $1000 CLIENT A MONTH FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS, would you say it was worth paying $8,000?

At $8,000 it would still be a steal

At $8,000 it would still be a steal

if you no longer have to wonder
where your next client is going to come from and
how you’re going to speak to them

Or how to create the right content to grow an engaged audience on Instagram full of your ideal clients (no more wasted time)

But that's not it!

Check out what's in the 

6-figure launch strategy

Wondering how we’re making 5 to 6 figures per launch?! This bonus reveals our entire launch strategy with you as well as the exact planner we use for every launch!

VALUE: $1,999

Hashtag vault

The hashtag vault for 29 different niches contains 65+ hashtags per niche.

VALUE: $499

Design Tech VaulT

Containing easy to implement tutorials on every tech software you want to use as add ons to your business growth.

VALUE: $3,999

Overcoming camera shyness

Ginny will show you how she overcame her fear with some strategic exercises so you can show up confidently on IG.


Repurposing your content

Training & Live Demo so that you can explode your reach to other platforms & avoid wasting time creating brand new content. 

VALUE: $999

On top of getting all these strategic resources to help you grow and sign clients, WE ADDED SOME EXTRA BONUSES to ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH EVEN MORE ;)

On top of getting all these strategic resources to help you grow and sign clients, WE ADDED SOME EXTRA BONUSES to ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH EVEN MORE ;)



We have done all the work FOR YOU!

$16,000 worth of resources

IBA Bonus Pack

IBA Bonus Pack






Financial Business Planner

Get organised and plot your path to profitability with the exact financial planner we use to set goals and keep on track of our business accounts.

VALUE: $599


Total Value Of Bonuses:

Over $8,095

What you get + Bonuses =

$8,193 + $8,095 +

Total Value:

Priceless + Priceless

Priceless + Priceless

to grow your business on Instagram and never feel stuck because of a certain skill or tool!


We give you 90 DAYS TO IMPLEMENT THIS ONLINE PROGRAM along with our $16,000 WORTH OF RESOURCES and if you are not able to build an offer that sells like crazy, have a clear content strategy, increase your engagement rate, have loyal fans and have potential clients reaching out to you, we will give you your MONEY BACK!

Your Investment Today

$999 or $299

$999 or $299

In 12 months from now, chances are you will not remember that you invested $1000 in a program more than you will remember

So if all this did was:

Chances are, you will spend these $1000 in the next 12 months anyway!

With just a $3 Starbucks coffee daily,

But, what if instead of a bit of caffeine to keep you going in the tricky situation you’re currently in

the new things you began to do and the corresponding results and opportunities it opened up to you

and positioned you as the go to in your industry, would you say that $1000 was a wise investment?

GivE you clarity on your ideal client, niche, market, offer and message

and grow your following, leads and fans, would that be worth $1000 to you?

Help you create content that converts 

and convert them easily without feeling sleazy or pushy, would that be worth $1000 to you?

Help you close more clients reaching out to you

you would have spent $1000 

Would you say that was a wise choice?

- you grew your business!

By the time you have graduated from IBA you will have: 

Built an offer that sells like crazy

No more tweaking your services and prices to fit the client. You’ll know your niche inside out and be able to proudly communicate the value of your offer to your audience.

Overcome content overwhelm

No more coming up with content ideas on the fly. By the time you’ve finished IBA, you’ll know how to plan your content one month in advance and your only problem will be too many ideas.

Complete clarity on your content strategy

No more guesswork about what will work and what won’t. You’ll be able to hit the share button with confidence and know that people are desperate to hear what you have to say.

Spiked your engagement rates

No more tumbleweed when you share a new post. You’ll know how to create content that generates shares, saves, comments and puts you on the radar of your future clients.

Started building a community of fans ready to buy from you

No more vanity metrics and ghost followers. You’ll become a magnet for loyal fans who engage with all your content, purchase all your products and shout about you from the rooftops.

Opened the DM floodgates to new clients

Quit dodgy copy and paste outreach strategies. Your content strategy will have great fit clients reaching out to you and offering to pay you for your help and expertise.

See what others have to say about THE

“Before IBA I was one of those people that posts and hopes for the best and it didn’t convert anything. Since diving into the modules into IBA I’ve been able to niche down and really speak to the pain points of my teacher friends wanting to turn entrepreneur.” 

Telina Too (@telina_too)
- Mentors teachers on how to set up a side hustle

ABLE TO EARN MORE in 1 month than from 6 months of teaching 

“Before joining IBA I was doing a lot of guesswork with my content. IBA helped me create a super-efficient and time-saving content strategy. The content strategy sheet is mind-blowing! It’s so much more than I thought I was signing up for.”

Jasmin Masters (@jasminmarsters)
- Life Coach

Since joining IBA I added 2 clients which added an EXTRA $2,000 TO MY INCOME

"In less than one month IBA helped me generate 1000 new followers. My engagement rate went from 1% to 3% and I received hundreds of DMS from people asking for my mentorship program.”

Truelany Guerra (
- Finance Mentor

I received HUNDREDS OF DMs asking for my mentorship program

“I know that the new increase in inquiries and applications I’m receiving are a result of my content I’m putting out because they have directly told me that.” 

Sarah Holmes (@mistdesignco)
- Branding and website designer

“What I love about IBA is the beautiful and amazing community of like minded people. The support from Laura and Ginny is invaluable and they’re always there to answer questions.”

Teodora Pile (@teodorapile)
- Coach and Therapist

Many NEW FOLLOWERS and most of them are IDEAL CLIENTS

“Before IBA I struggled a lot with attracting my ideal clients. IBA helped me create a real content strategy and since then I have double my growth and created a community. There is only one Ginny and Laura!” 

Laurence Mahieu (@myinneradena)
- Life Coach

DOUBLED GROWTH since starting IBA

"IBA has really helped me with my messaging and my content strategy"

Liza Leiss (@liza.leiss)
- Life Coach

5 NEW CLIENTS since starting IBA

“Before joining I was not seeing the growth or client conversion and IBA has helped in both those categories.”

Sarah King (@simplysking)
- Wellness Coach

Now creating posts MONTHS IN ADVANCED

“If you’re looking to start your own business or pivot your current business I would definitely recommend IBA” 

Natty Lilja (@travelbynatty)
- Traveller Monetisation Coach

SO MUCH CLARITY since starting IBA!

Instant Business Academy

Instant Business Academy

Here is a reminder of

all you are getting in the Academy + bonuses:


to grow your business on Instagram and never feel stuck because of a certain skill or tool!

Pay In Full

Save Nearly $200
And Make A One-time Payment Of $999



4 Payments of


Starts today for $299 only (and then 3 monthly payments of $299)

Want to get started?

Choose the payment plan that best suits you, click on ENROLL NOW, add your details and you will be given instant access to the program with the entire bonus pack!

Want to get started?

here is a recap version of this sales page:

*Only valid for payments in full.
Calls are starting the 15th of February, the dates and times are not flexible.

If you join IBA within the next 24 hours and pay in full

you get our special 1 month Booster Coaching Calls 

In other words,

you get access to 4 Group Calls with Laura and Ginny 

you get access to 4 Group Calls with Laura and Ginny 

to set you up in the right direction!*

This is worth $4000 alone!! 🤯

here is a recap version of this sales page:

And if you implement everything we teach and you are not able to build an offer that sells like crazy, have a clear content strategy, increase your engagement rates, build you loyal fans and have potential clients reaching out to you, we will give you your money back!

For those who took the shortcut and directly scrolled to the end,

We have built an academy to 

high paying clients to your instagram account and

Have added $16,000 worth of resources to ensure you achieve that!

help you get a flood of raving fans and

All orders are through Stripe, a very secure network. 

Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.

Are you asking yourself the following questions?

Is this really for me?

It is for you if:
- You have a business idea but nothing concrete yet (no offer, not even an Instagram yet).
- You have a side hustle and are ready to quit your 9-5, you just need more visibility and clients as well as processes in place. 
- You are a full-time business owner but haven’t reached your target income yet. You need more visibility & clients!

We help all service-based businesses, coaches, and course creators, from all industries and all around the world!

I don't have a business yet, can I join?

Not a problem! IBA will guide you through your journey to entrepreneurship. We will help you define your business foundations (ideal clients, offer, market research etc) so you are set up for success!

I don't want to sell anything, is it for me?

If you want to become an influencer without the intention to sell any services in the long run, then IBA is not for you.

I have a product-based business, is it for me?

First, let’s make things clear: product-based businesses have a PHYSICAL product. If you have digital products such as online courses you are considered as a service-based business.

If that’s the case we don’t recommend joining IBA as the focus will be on service-based businesses, coaches and course creators. 

What will I get for this price?

You will get:
– Lifetime access to a private portal with 12 modules (over 60 video lessons)
– 12-month access to a Private Facebook Community to ask your personalised questions and network with fellow IBA students

Is there a refund policy?

IBA is backed by Our 90 Days “Show Us You Did the Work” Get Your Money Back Guarantee.

Everyone who took this training and implemented it has been able to build an offer that sells itself, build a powerful content strategy, increased their engagement rates, got loyal fans and had potential clients reaching out to them.

If you implement 100% of the training in the next 90 days and none of the above mentioned results happen for you, send us an email and we will refund your money in full!

Is it only for women?

Elle Synergy was founded to support female entrepreneurship. However, IBA is inclusive to everyone, and both men and women are invited to join the Academy.

How much time do I need to put in?

We recommend going through 1 module per week. Each module has between 2 to 6 videos and each video is around 5 to 15 mins long. On average, it would take you about 1 hour per week to go through the knowledge.

You then need to apply that knowledge, depending at what level you’re at, we recommend dedicating 2-4 hours per week for the implementation.

However, IBA is a self-paced programme so you are welcome to go at your own speed, based on what’s attainable for you.

How long is the program?

IBA contains 12 modules. We recommend going through 1 module per week.

So it could take you 12 weeks to go through the knowledge, but you can get back to it (which we recommend when you feel stuck) at any time as you have lifetime access to it!

On top of it, you will have 12-month access to a private Facebook Community.

Do I get a certificate of completion?


We love to reward all our IBA students that complete the course with a certificate of completion and a massive shout out on our profiles!

Once you complete IBA, we will invite you to email so we can send you your very own Certificate of Completion of IBA! 🥳

Can I pay in euros or pounds?

Of course!

When you enter your card details, you will simply pay in your own currency. No surprises here! No extra fees! Just the regular conversion from American Dollars (USD) to British Pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR) (or any currency for that matter).

To give you an idea, $999 is about £735 and €880 while $299 is about £220 and €264 - but we advise you to check the current exchange rate on Google to have an exact numbers.

Still not convinced?

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